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she wears her heart on her sleeve

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12th January 2005

Holy crap kids.Its Leanne. I dont know how many of you still have me on your freinds list but, IM BACK. I know I know, its been a while.
I made a new username GirlNextDoor268 add me please. Im not sure if im deleting this one but,I'll let you know.

14th April 2004

9:31pm: drive to school with ken

school till 1130 (sophmores were testing)

pizza hut with jon and jakki

me, jon, jakki, music, jons hair, strange golf thing on comedy central

with jakki and jess to dj nails (jakki got nails done, leanne and jess laugh at gangsters)

ride home with my buddy joe <3

eat a sweet potato, mcdonalds apple pie, mocha frap

talk to luis

talk to my boy

argue with dad about religion
leanne:"im considering buddhism"
dad: "youre going to hell"

signed up for SATs for june 5th (is anyone else taking them on that date in bloomfield?)

no complaints.

7th April 2004


"hold onto 16 as long as you can, changes come around real soon, make us women and men"

ive been doing a great deal of thinking lately. it seems as though 17 is going to be much like 16 was, except that im going to approach it differently. its time to live for myself. time to push myself through another year of high school so i can move on/ search for new interests and talents and grow with them/be more tolerant and open minded to other peoples opinions, just take it all in/ be slightly more rebellious, party and experience what ive felt ive been missing in high school.

ive decided that i love nyk and luis to death. man, you two have no idea.

its the weather man, im telling you.

aside from a great deal of worry i have for a friend (man, get better soon) <3 im in a good mood. this weather is amazing. music seems 4975345 times more amazing bc of it.

the driving thing...story for later.

todays my brothers birthday, im off to hang out with ken, then buy my brother a gift with joe.

ill possibly update later.



2nd April 2004

3:39pm: dayumn, i never have time to go on the computer any more.

i have work in 15 minutes, just felt the need to make a live journal appearance. (leave me comments, id feel loved)

i dont want to go to work-fridays are too hectic. you should all go to 3 guys on franklin ave and eat pizza, keep me company.

time to go. dum de dum

21st March 2004

11:07am: sorry i havent updated/commented in a while. things ahve been hectic i suppose.

for the first time in a while i have nothing to complain about. i mean, yea people always cause some sort of drama for me but, thats just high school i guess.

things with ivan have been good. i dropped alot of my "friends" but i have a few people that id trust wiht my life and im totally happy.
me and nyk have been talking alot lately, i missed her.<3333 (actually ive been talking to nicole patino more too <3 )

school sucks pretty bad. actually, im awake and showered so early because my uncel steve woke me to lecture me about how i cant go to summer school my junior year and how hes getting me a tutor. work is good, thats all i have to say about that.

my birthday was really good. i usually hate birthdays but this year i had so much fun. thanks to everyone who came! (we went to alexis streak house and bowling).

hm... im sure theres so much more i could say but, it time to go dry ny hair and go tanning with joe (after i sign up for my SATs) so, see ya <3333

18th March 2004

3:30pm: so, i FINALLY attempted to update yesterday. i wrote this long entry and then my computer froze. that really sucked. well, just wanted to say Im still alive and ill make another attempt at it when i get home from work

11th March 2004

9:25pm: so, im done being punished.

things have been getting better between me and ivan. <3

yesterday i hung out with jakki, nicole and michelle patino, and some kid angel. then at night i went to ivans house.

today: school, work; they got me an ice cream cake and sang to me, it was sweet, now i home eatin pasta. heh.

hrm, strange as it is i have nothing much to say.

10th March 2004

9:46pm: sorry i havent been commenting too much lately (or updating for that matter), i will 2moro.

question: has any1 heard anything about the lineup for hellfest yet? im gueesing it hasnt been announced yet bc the hellfest and rexplex sites dont say anything. ::shrugs::

does any1 want to come see allister, hipv, punchline and the goodwill on aril 27th with me?

8th March 2004

10:01pm: I forgot what a good freind nyk was. i miss her.

she understands things that no one ever will.

im really glad we talked (although now there is so much on my mind)


6th March 2004


          IM SO F'IN BORED!!!!!!!

Someone should text me and tell me something fun. it would make me happy.

862 368 7686

Current Mood: bored
6:01pm: i havent talked to ivan in 2 days...im miss him!

talked to sean this morning. yayness (even tho i wont see him on my bday :( )

being punished really sucks but, today wasnt so bad.

i got my dyed back to my natural color (light brown) and got blonde high lites. she had to cut like 2inches off bc it was so fried. ot looks perdy now. and i got my eyebrows done. spent alot of money but, it was horrible. im happy with it now.

then my mom took me to burger king.

helped my mom do laundry.

sat around online,watched tv,listened to music, ordered italian.

nothing to excting but not bad for beign punished.

ivan just called. yayness.

me any nicole w. might have a joint bday of some sort. dunno what where doing yet tho.
12:00am: i woke up feeling "blah" this morning. i was exhausted and just didnt feel right so, i took a shower and fell back to sleep. I woke up around 1 or 2, took ANOTHER shower and went to work.

work was good. again, no complaints.

came home from work,ate dinner, spent HOURS listening to music and sitting on the computer.

so, im punished, sitting home watching while you were out and eating pickels.


i wish i could spend time with Ivan, i feel like such a selfish girlfreind. He sits around ans talks to me on the phone, but we never get to spend time together. He tries his best to be there for me but, im never around.

my grades suck.

im lazy.

i want to go out and pary and get trashed and dance on a table with a lampshade on my head. im too stressed for no real reason. being depressed is lame.

fuck. i need to figure out what im doing for my birthday. someone help.

wow, was this alot of rambling or what.

4th March 2004

9:47pm: school (HSPA english/yelled at by asshole math teacher)

work (nothing out of the ordinary,finally actual made tips)

hot pockets and ljay

next= homework

thats my day

3rd March 2004

3:19pm: who stole their mothers fleetwood mack cd....
thats right, i did. oh mann, im so hardcore. youre jealous.

its so pretty out!!! and i have to sit in the house :( damn coming home an hour late and getting punished.

i miss my friends and my boy, i dont see anyone anymore.

HSPAs were easy but i fucked up pretty bad. you know how they ask an open ended question and theres bullets of questions after it...well, i answered the first bullet to number 11 and the 2nd bullet of number 12 and didnt realize untill i only had 10 minutes left, so now i have 2 half asssed answers instead of 1 really good one. oh well, im not really worried about passing.

and what was with the crazy bitch jumping off the roof in her nightgown into the pool???

we did our scheduling:
english 4 academic
environmental science
current america
famous people
journalism 2
mass comm 3
human behavior
this leaves me with a 1/2 year study and hopefully an early release. if not, then 1 and 1/2 studys. the idea of US historyAP has passed through my mind as well as english honors (i fucked up this year grades wise but, i know im capable of doing the work, i just have to learn to manage my time better).

time to go make some taquitos

2nd March 2004

10:13pm: sorry for the insane amount of entrys in the past hour but, apparently i DO have a FEW friends and had comments on my last entry, its just that ljay is gay sometimes and i didnt get them emailed to me.
10:05pm: stole from

kizzablenquiet  who stole from little_rounder boooya!

if you dont fill it out, ill cry.

1. Your fondest memory relating to me or us or whatever.
2. What you like about me(no 1-word answers please).
3. What you dislike about me.
4. Why you're on my friends list.

24th February 2004

10:03pm: JC MAKES ME SMILE!!!!
that is all.

oh, no its not....

joe roach called me today...hmmmmm, interesing guy ::shrugs:: hes an odd 1, sweet tho

maybe seeing cerami 2moro?

maybe seeing pat 2moro too!!

did i mention.......

i dont feel good ::sighs::

but, its ok, bc im talking to JC!!!!
Current Mood: content

23rd February 2004

10:10pm: today was the first day back to school after winter break ::sighs:: ehh, well, what can u do.

i got my report card.. ALL my grades dropped except 2 of my electives..journalism and mass comm. and i got a 40 in algebra 2!! summer school here i come..again! ugh. well, now that the 3rd marking period started i think im doing better.

i gave jon his sword and eye patch i bought him after the pirates of the carribean ride in disney..i was excited he liked it.

its crazy but, troy is one of my favorite people these days. odd huh?

after school i went to ivans house <3 ( yesterday he came here: played monopoly, ate kfc and watched honey i shrunk the kids...gangster). back to today: smoked some pot, kissed ALOT, watched extreme elimination challenge (BEST show).

i came home and ate dinner at 6.

then i went out with joe feola at 7. i love joey. we had all intentions of going to get coffe and drive around and talk but, we ended up looking at stuff for my room at target, buying a goldfish (i bought jakki a fishy bc....well, why not :P..his name is howard), i met 1 of joes friends, the 2 of us went driving around (ended up on grafton ave. eep! then came home at 845)

now, im off to take a shower...errr, maybe not, maybe do homework.
Current Mood: content

22nd February 2004

3:44pm: its been a while
i havent updated or read any ones entrys in a long time. its been a long month. i spent alot of time figting with my parents, now is not the time for details though. it got really bad so i went to live at my grandmas. i had all intentions of staying there for good but...i guess i changed my mind (at least for now). it was nice to get away from my house and to spend time with my grandma.

so, i spent a week at my grandmas. i went about 3 weeks w/o talking to my dad but, were OK now...

i just got back from florida with jakkis family. it was the first time i ever went, it was so nice. we went to magic kingdom, mgm, epcot and sea world. it was a nice break from all of the shit ive been dealing with.

i came home (to my house) this morning around 6. my parents and my brother redid my bedroom. i hated the color so they painted it white and painted all my funiture. im getting some new stuff during the week. im excited.

well, i have alot to do so i should get off. ill keep up with my entrys from now on :)

i havent had a chance to read friends' entrys in close to a month so, i hope that everyone is doing good. (ill try do to some of that later)

Current Mood: hyper

2nd February 2004

3:51pm: its purdy outside. where am i?? INSIDE! blahhhh

im so sick of the drama. its slowly killing me. i dont feel like myself the past week or so. it scares me.

my grades dropped tremendously. work sucks. i have MAYBE 2 friends, if that. my parents are murder. i barely see my boy. things just suck, idk any other way to describe it.

i havent updated bc i just dont know what to say. things have been such a dissapointment lately.

HOPEFULLY ill be going to florida with jakki soon, that would be nice.

friday = yellowcard. saturday = skate and surf botb. idk if im going to either. my parents/job are annoying.
Current Mood: blah

30th January 2004

9:50pm: i give up.
Current Mood: stressed

29th January 2004

10:29pm: best friends means........
........XPnkCottonCandyx: YO, calm the fuck down! erica has changed SO much u have no idea. but, that has nothign to do with u. i told u, i just said that bc i was upset that u never have time for ur so called "best friend""

X0 sExi chIc 0x: i dont have time cuz i have different friends that do different things

XPnkCottonCandyx: .... as for me and u, you choose to not make time for me, so w.e

X0 sExi chIc 0x: w/e peaceeeee


in other news. school sucked as ususal.

work stared off reallllllllll boring. gulia wasnt there again and lu didnt get there till 830, i had no1 to talk to, it was slow and felt like forever. but, then i peeled potatos (dropping it in the garbage like 5 times. haha) and learend how to make boxes..on mann, haha, it was funny. then me and frank taught chico how to white girl dance. noice. then lu came, and i had some1 to entertain me. hah, only i could be entertained by these things.

came home at 9ish and ate some chicken(somehow i dont think u care what i ate).

i should be doing homework but instead im talking to ivan and sitting on the comp. ::shrugs::
Current Mood: loved

27th January 2004

11:16pm: the snow makes me do crazy things!!!!

"...so hold on to the ones who really care, in the end they'll be the only ones there..."


Oh mannn.

im in the greatest mood...this is one of my favorite things. SNOW like this...when it snows at nightime...no one has walked in it yet, it should be dark out but, theres that hint of light in the sky. its like a picture, it makes you (well, at least me) forget all your problems for at least a little while. ::sighs::

school was long and draining as usual. its like, i know im so much smarter than my grades could show you, i just dont have it in me. when i should be doing homework, my head is ANYWHERE other than homework. part of me never wants to grow up, i want to stay in high school forever; few REAL problems to deal with. but, theres the part of me that wants to hold intellectual conversations with interesting people, and say goodbye to all of the drama and gossip in the halls of my high school. i think, i know, i could do so much better if i was studying things i had an interest in. i could care less if those fucking trains crash going "X" miles per hour in "y" direction, i could care less about moles and atoms. i just want, i need something i can hold an interest in to be challenged by.

hm, someone suggest a really good book to me. im in the mood for a good book.

after school came work. lu and gulia BOTH had the day off. i thought it would feel like forever. i mean, chico barely speaks english and patricia is...patricia. and it was so slow. THEN CAME THE SNOW!!!! I went home an hour early (8) tonight bc my moms car sucks in the snow and it was slow.

im like a little kid right now!!!!!!!! so carefree. i just want to go out and play in the snow at midnight. ( no1 would play with me before :( , jakki stayed home sick, ivan had work and my brother (who btw is 11 and should want to play in the snow) was watching american idol) .

tomorrow...no school. no work!!!!!!!!!!

so, things are good for the most part. the boy is AMAZING and i love jakki to death. and they are really the only 2 people i see, and i could care less. i mean, id like to see alicia and sean and maybe a few people a little more but, im done trying so hard.

i still call my uncle steve every wednesday. its nice to have someone to talk to. come to think of it, i havent even really talked to any1 else in my crazy family at all lately.

as for my parents, they are who they are and theres nothing i can do to change that. i might as well except that. if i could wish one thing from them it would be to let me make my own mistakes once in a while,. im one of those people who have to see things to believe them and keeping me sheltered wont help me grow at all. i feel like, they refuse to let me grow up at all. idk man, what can ya do. i guess its getting slightly better. my mom let me go to ivans the other day and she knew his mom wasnt home. haha, big step man.

its all the snows fault that im crazy. i do this sometimes. im in this mood where i cant stay on topic and a million thoughts are running through my head all at once...

Current Mood: relaxed

26th January 2004


annie martin is sweet like pie

. im so bored.

someone make it snow, then come build a snowman with me!!!


didnt make notecards for health final, ill wing it ::shrugs::

didnt do math homework, ill copy someone i guess.

didnt write my essay for history.

ugh, i just have no energy for things i should.lazyness.

Current Mood: sleepy

21st January 2004

8:03pm: troy and rocco are scumbags.
1 less person who will be there when he really needs someone.
Current Mood: pissed off
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